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Covid-19 Mask Making

I've been busy with my 3D printer getting masks made for those in need. Please let me know if you need or want one. I can make 2 to 6 a day. If you want to donate to the cause message me, but these are free of charge for those that need something in these crazy times.

Gen 1

Gen 1

So as you see Gen 1 worked, but needed improvements. I did add a shield to stop direct particles from hitting the filter of choice, after doing some more tests we moved to the next 1.

Gen 2

Gen 2

Well it works better and its anti-bacterial so improvements moving along

Gen 3 Side

Gen 3 Side view

We have a winner makes it easier to print and looks nice

Gen 3 Top

Kids Gen 3 also made

Gen 3 Kids

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